LOG 41 Apparel

Welcome to the LOG 41 Apparel Catalog with a variety of options for 2022.The images below are of the actual clothing (availability dependent) with details including fabric type, color and cut. To order your LOG apparel: Log in to your membership profile, register for the Lotus Owners Gathering 41, and get your clothing items at … Read more

Liar’s Essay Winner – LOG39

Why I Didn’t Bring My Lotus to LOG 39 by Chris Pohl Okay, this year’s story is my most embarrassing yet, so I’ll do my best. The trip from Dallas to the 39th Lotus Owner’s Gathering at Sturbridge was going smoothly, and my 1991 Lotus Carlton was gleaming dark green in the sunlight. I had stopped … Read more

LOG40 Announced

Lotus Owners Gathering 40 has been announced at LOG39! Join us in September 18-21, 2020 in Salt Lake City, Utah. More information can be found on our LOG landing page: