Welcome to Lotus, Ltd.'s Membership and LOG Registration Forms!

We're very excited for you to show it to you.

We understand this is a brand-new process, so this page is meant to answer your questions and help you walk through using our new system.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us and ask a question: info@lotusltd.com

Step 1: Get access to the membership section on the new site.

In order to register for LOG, you'll need to have an active membership on Lotus, Ltd.'s site.
Don't worry! We've done all the work for you, and imported your data into our new site.

All you'll need to do is reset your password.

To reset your password, go to this URL and enter in your email address:


You'll get an email within the hour from "info@lotusltd.com" with your information, and you can now log into the membership section.

**This may be the first time that you've received email from info@lotusltd.com, so make sure you check your junk/spam folder if you don't see the email within an hour.**

Never gave us your email address, or forgot which one you used with us previously?

If you did not give us your email address previously, we haven't been able to set up an account for you on the website. Please get in touch with us immediately and we'll fix this for you ASAP! You can contact info@lotusltd.com or 716.861.4001, just ask for your Lotus, Ltd. Vice President, Brian. You can reach out, as well, in case you forgot which email address you used with us.

If you are not an active member of Lotus, Ltd. (if you're a new member or your account has lapsed), you can sign-up on our "Join Lotus Ltd. Today!" page, by clicking here: https://lotusltd.com/join-lotus-ltd/

Step 2: Log in to the site.

Navigate to https://lotusltd.com/members-area/ and log into the site using the username (this is the same as your email address) and password you set up in step 1.

Step 3: Register for LOG.

Navigate to Members Area -> LOG39 Registration.

On this page, you'll find the form that you can can select the first radio button to register for LOG39

[Optional] Step 4: Update your information.

We've done our best to get all of your information from our previous database into our new system.

Take this time to navigate to the "Modify Your Profile" page to make sure we have all of your correct information: https://lotusltd.com/members-area/modify-your-profile/

[Optional] Step 5: Renew your membership.

Is it time for your membership to be renewed?

Navigate to our new "Renew Your Membership" page and pay online: https://lotusltd.com/members-area/renew-your-membership/