Liar’s Essay Winner – LOG39

Why I Didn’t Bring My Lotus to LOG 39 by Chris Pohl

Okay, this year’s story is my most embarrassing yet, so I’ll do my best. The trip from Dallas to the 39th Lotus Owner’s Gathering at Sturbridge was going smoothly, and my 1991 Lotus Carlton was gleaming dark green in the sunlight.

I had stopped briefly in Worcester, aka the Heart of the Commonwealth, Woo Town, the Woo, for a bite to eat and a chance to buy my pal Richard Parramint some chocolate and candy to treat his ever-enormous sweet tooth.

I asked a guy on the sidewalk, who looked like a liberal arts professor at Holy Cross, where I might obtain such delights. He said, “Dude, you gotta go to Good Confectionary or Good Chemistry” or something like that. He pointed the way and I went in. The man at the door asked me for my ID, and I thought “This candy must be great!”

I bought some chocolate, mints and gummy bears, and went outside and sampled one of each. Then I started walking around looking for my car, but I forgot where I parked.  I walked around for an hour and saw a lot of pink buses, but I never found my Lotus Carlton.

To make matters worse, I ate all the chocolate, mints and gummy bears.

We have some good BBQ in Texas, but we sure don’t have candy like you do in Massachusetts.

Sorry, Richard Parramint.

Sorry, LOG 39.

Maybe if I find my car, I’ll bring it next year.

P.S. Can’t wait for dinner.

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