LOG 36 Friday and Saturday Events


For all of our followers who could not make LOG36 in Princeton, NJ (or are jus recapping their weekend and want to view some great pictures!), the event began yesterday with a lot of great activities.

One of our tech sessions, led by Bob Dance and Richard Parramint, highlighted their combined years of Lotus history and knowledge, which we somehow fit into only an hours time.  I think they may have left out a few details, due to time constraints. If you manage to find them at this LOG, or a future event, make sure to ask them for some more stories.

The Friday reception was opened with a wonderful wedding between Brenda and Russ Musta (picture below).

Saturday’s concours was highlighted by the yearly panoramic by Doug Chadwick and a surprise presentation by historical reenactors. This reenactment included colonial troops marching through the field and firing their muskets – which was quite surprising for those LOG-ers who did not know they were there!

At this moment, we’re looking forward to our Saturday Banquet and the rest of the weekend!