Lotus Ltd

North America's Largest Lotus Car Club

The new site will be ready in a few days.  Until then, pay your membership dues below.

To Join or Renew Online:

Lotus, Ltd. is an independent car club not affiliated with Group Lotus, Team Lotus, Lotus Cars USA, or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates. Lotus, Ltd. annual membership dues, which include a subscription to LOTUS ReMARQUE, are $50 (new members) and $45 (renewals) in the U.S., $55 (new members) and $50 (renewals) elsewhere. All dues are payable in U.S. dollars.

If your Lotus Ltd membership is expired by more than 2 months, you must renew at the higher new member rate of $50 US and $55 International. This can be done via mail (preferred) or by use of the US or International Membership links below, but NOT via the US or International Membership Renewal links!

Note: Your user name and password will NOT be sent via email upon joining with payment via Paypal. Rather, they will be included with the new-member kit that will be sent to you shortly via regular mail. In truly urgent cases, we will supply user name and password via email upon request to hq@lotuscarclub.org.

But, out of consideration for our busy volunteers, PLEASE m Save & Exit ake sure that your case is truly urgent before placing such a request.

Please Select your Membership Option Below and Select:

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To Join or Renew by mail:

Click here for a pdf copy of the membership form, print it out, and send your completed form with your dues payable in U.S. dollars by domestic check or international money order. (Sorry, no credit cards.) Lotus, Ltd. will not be responsible for cash sent through the mail. Mail form and dues to:

Lotus, Ltd.
P.O. Box L,
College Park, MD 20741

Note: User I.D. numbers and passcodes are issued by mail after payment has been received and processed by the club office. Allow up to two weeks for processing and mailing. New members will receive their member number and passcode as part of their mailed-out new-member kit.

(NON-MEMBERS NOTE: The club's administrative office is NOT set up to handle technical and other Lotus questions not related to joining the club. For prompt help with such inquiries, we suggest that you post them to one of the Internet mailing lists. You may find a complete list through the Lotus, Ltd. Links.)

Please contact the club with any problems you may encounter while visiting the site.

Request a free Lotus Ltd ReMARQUE and Membership Application

For a free sample issue of LOTUS ReMARQUE and a membership application, with no obligation, e-mail us your name and mailing address. You may also obtain an application by clicking on the "Join" button.

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