Lotus Ltd.
Mercedes Benz-Club of America
High Performance Driver Education Day

At Watkins Glen on June 1, 2022

Take your foot off the brake and get on the gas! Go right now to and join us for the Performance Driver Education Day at Watkins Glen!

Now I understand that some may think they are not up for this type of event, but truly this is one of the best ways to learn how to drive your Lotus. This is NOT a racing school. It’s education on how to drive your car with skill. If you are a novice track driver you will have a seasoned instructor to teach not only how to drive on track but to make you a safer and more aware driver on public roads. The intent of the Lotus, Ltd./MBCA’s Driver Education program is to teach you the skills to handle your car better while have plain old fun with your car. There is no pressure and no trophies at a Driver Education day. It’s all about safety, fun, and car control! Yes, in that order!

You do NOT need a Lotus or Mercedes-Benz to attend this event. Any marque is welcome if properly equipped. You do NOT need to be a Lotus, Ltd. or Mercedes-Benz Club of America member to attend. You are encouraged to tell your friends about this event and have them join us for a wonderful day at Watkins Glen!

Our registration fees for this year are $425 for drivers who require an instructor and $395 for drivers that have previously qualified with us to drive solo. If you have not passed a check-out ride at Lotus, Ltd. D.E. but believe you can solo, please send your relevant D.E. or racing history, with dates including the last event you have driven, to David Nagler at for consideration before registering.

If you are an instructor and wish to participate, please also contact David Nagler for more information at

The website to register is It is the same site we have used for the past 7 years and if you have been with us before, you should already be a member of the website.

NOTE: After May 1, a $50 late registration fee will be applied without exception. The late fee is necessary because we WANT YOU TO REGISTER BEFORE May 1, so we can do the necessary planning to hold the event. Any registrations after May 15, 2022 will be accepted at the event chair’s discretion.

Registration is now open at Just search on Lotus Ltd or Watkins Glen after you register on their site to find our event on the website.

Event will be held RAIN or SHINE!!!!!!!

For more information, please go to

Performance Driving Experience

If you are not quite ready for a full day of on track experience, consider the Performance Driving Experience option for a taste of our Performance Driving Events. Cost is $125. You will get the feel of participating by attending all driver meetings and beginner classroom, one morning session as passenger with an instructor, and then in the afternoon, your instructor will accompany you in your car with you driving. Helmets are not required so speed will be limited, and you will be behind a pace car. No passing will be allowed and speeds will be strictly enforced with gentle braking and moderate cornering speeds. You may use any car as long as it is street registered, inspected, and insured. Please also keep in mind that your everyday car insurance will probably not cover you when you are on a race track. The event enrollment will be limited and will be taken on a first come, first taken basis.

Other Activities

As this is the Wednesday after the Memorial Day weekend, I am working on making this Driver Education Day more of an “event” by arranging other things to do in the local area on the days preceding our track event on Wednesday. Some of things we are working on are a tour of the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, a tour of the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport NY, a bus tour of Wineries in the Finger Lakes region and tours of the Soaring Museum and National Warplane Museum in Elmira, New York. We have also planned out a few incoming “sight” rallies from the major points of the compass to keep you entertained on the way into the Glen. Trophies will be awarded! Registration fees for the museum tours, wine tours and incoming sight rallies has not been determined but it will be very reasonable.

I have contacted several hotels and motels in the area, and there is a possibility of a discount on rooms.

I would like you to email me back at and let me know first if you plan to attend, and second, if you would be interested in the expanded events.


Spectators are welcome for the event and there is no cost. However, Watkins Glen requires you to be on our spectator list to get into the track. If you would like to come, watch, and hang out with your fellow car buddies, you must contact us so we can add you to our list for entrance into the event. Spectators are encouraged to participate in our “Other Activities” mentioned above should we get all that worked out. Please email Tony at if interested.

Please join us for a fun and Sports Car filled day (or a possible “few days”) at Watkins Glen. It will be fun!

Tony Vaccaro
President Lotus Ltd.