Ron, Southern Florida


He’s a LOONY (Lotus Owner of New York), although he now resides in Southern Florida.

Ron first began his Lotus journey back in 1964 when he viewed a beautiful original Elite. He was on leave from Vietnam and travelling in Australia when he saw the car. He knew he was in love. By the time he returned from Vietnam, the Elite was already out of production.  In 1965, Ron returned home to the states and traveled to England. There, he visited the Earl’s Court Car Show. Although he was determined to purchase an Elite, Ron found his new Lotus on the showroom floor. It was a 1966 Elan Coupe.

After the car came back to the States with Ron (delivered to the port of New York, in a box!), he used it as his every day driver. Yes, even in the snow. Until 1974.

That remained his only Lotus until he purchased a 1991 Red Elan in 2012.  He swears he purchased it because he was looking for an Elan with trunk space.

As with many Lotus owners, it did not stop there.  A 2005 Lotus Elise came next (thanks to Tony Vaccaro’s persuasion).

And then it all came full circle for Ron. He moved to Southern Florida, and with that move a few cars were sold – until he was left only with an Elan GTS. The two Elan and Elise were sold.

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