Upcoming National and Local Club Events

National Club Event: Lotus Ltd.-Mercedes Benz-Club of America
High Performance Driver Education Day

Date: June 1, 2022

Location: Watkins Glen, New York

Description: Take your foot off the brake and get on the gas! Go right now to www.clubregistration.net and join us for the Performance Driver Education Day at Watkins Glen!

Now I understand that some may think they are not up for this type of event, but truly this is one of the best ways to learn how to drive your Lotus. This is NOT a racing school. It’s education on how to drive your car with skill. If you are a novice track driver you will have a seasoned instructor to teach not only how to drive on track but to make you a safer and more aware driver on public roads. The intent of the Lotus, Ltd./MBCA's Driver Education program is to teach you the skills to handle your car better while have plain old fun with your car. There is no pressure and no trophies at a Driver Education day. It's all about safety, fun, and car control! Yes, in that order!

You do NOT need a Lotus or Mercedes-Benz to attend this event. Any marque is welcome if properly equipped. You do NOT need to be a Lotus, Ltd. or Mercedes-Benz Club of America member to attend. You are encouraged to tell your friends about this event and have them join us for a wonderful day at Watkins Glen!