In Memory of Dave Bean

In any given area of expertise, you can usually count on one hand the number of people who are larger than life. Those individuals that literally define their space and create what has never been created before. Dave Bean was one of those individuals. Dave’s early...

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Countdown to LOG 38 In Cleveland, Ohio!








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LOG38 – Cleveland, Ohio

Announcement!!! LOG38 will be hosted in Cleveland, Ohio by the Cleveland Area Lotus, Ltd. [CALL].  It will be on August 10 - 13, 2018.  More information to come in the the coming months, so watch our site and Facebook page regarding event updates. More information can...

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LOG37 Is Here!

This weekend is LOG37. Don't forget to stop by the official events page for a schedule of the weekend. Our Facebook page, as well, will be following the event! You're welcome to join in and post your own pictures, videos, and reports...

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