Simon Lane Interview on the Type 66

Simon Lane is the Director of Lotus Advanced Performance. Simon Lane and his team are responsible for delivering thrilling bespoke vehicles and world-class customer experiences. The Lotus Advanced Performance division offers a range of services, including halo projects, limited editions, bespoke personalization, and experiential activities. The division also includes the Lotus Driving Academy, which provides expert tuition at the wheel of a Lotus at various locations around the world.

Simon Lane’s appointment as Director of Lotus Advanced Performance is an exciting development in the ongoing transformation of Lotus from a UK sports car company to a global performance car business and brand. He brings with him innovative ideas that have broad appeal, catering to Lotus fans young and old, as well as those seeking unique experiences and collectible opportunities. Simon Lane’s vision for Lotus Advanced Performance is to build the most exciting and exclusive Lotus cars that embrace an electrified future while honoring the brand’s illustrious past.

Here is Simon Lane’s interview with John Rosnet.