LOG 42 Drone Footage

Here are the drone photos and videos during the LOG 42 Concours at the Birthplace of Sequoyah Museum in Vonore, Tennessee, southwest of Knoxville. What a hot day it was! Just check these out and relive that spectacular day.

Lotus Owners Gathering 41 Meal Selections


FRIDAY EVENING RECEPTION Appetizer Buffet/Cash Bar: THE BUFFET IS FREE. SATURDAY CONCOURS LUNCH – PICNIC AT CANAAN BUFFET: $26 Lunch on 9.10.22 (at Concours) Grilled Hamburgers Hot Dogs with Chili Potato SaladoCole Slaw Pasta Salad Sliced Cheddar, Swiss and Monterey Jack Cheeses Condiment Tray – Lettuce, Sliced Tomato, Red Onion, Mustard and Mayonnaise, Dill Pickle … Read more

The Lotus Owners Gathering 41 Registration is Now Open!

LOG41 Logo Half Moon

LOG 41 On-Line Registration is now open on the club website. The Canaan Valley Resort & Conference Center, in Canaan Valley, West Virginia is the hotel for Lotus, Ltd’s annual Lotus Owners Gathering hosted by the Maryland/DC Founder’s Chapter of Lotus, Ltd. The Sept. 9 to Sept. 11, 2022 event will have main events that … Read more

LOG 41 Apparel

Welcome to the LOG 41 Apparel Catalog with a variety of options for 2022.The images below are of the actual clothing (availability dependent) with details including fabric type, color and cut. To order your LOG apparel: Log in to your membership profile, register for the Lotus Owners Gathering 41, and get your clothing items at … Read more

Remembering Arnie Johnson

Remembering Arnie Johnson

Shortly before LOG40 in Salt Lake City we were saddened to hear the news that Arnie Johnson, former Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Cars USA had passed  away. Arnie started with Lotus East in Millerton, NY in 1971, one of the five Lotus distributors. He was involved in dealer tech training, warranty work, worked on … Read more

LOG41 Back Up Lodge: Blackwater Falls

Blackwater Lodge - Small

The host lodge for LOG 41 at Canaan Valley is almost at full capacity. The backup hotel is the Blackwater Lodge in Blackwater Falls State Park, located at 1584 Blackwater Lodge Road, Davis, West Virginia 26260. It is approximately 7 miles from the host hotel. The rooms they are holding for us are for the … Read more

LOG41 in Canaan Valley, WV

The 41st annual Lotus Owners Gathering (LOG), being dubbed “Lotus in the Valley” will be held from Friday, September 9th through Sunday, September 11th 2022 at the Canaan Valley Resort & Conference Center in West Virginia. A state park nestled in the highest valley east of the Mississippi River, the resort provides the perfect destination … Read more

LOG40 Update

Have you seen the updated LOG40 Information yet?   We have news about speakers, notable cars, meals, and overall event information.   Make sure you check it out now, and get ready for the LOG registration which will be opening soon.   Link:    

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LOG40 Greetings From Club Members

Hello! The LOG is the best time throughout the year to meet and revisit with your Lotus friends. With LOG40 in Utah Postponed until 2021, our members sent in videos, stories, and pictures during our normal log date for everyone to see. Here are the videos we’ve received so far. If you want to send … Read more

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