HPDE Event @ NCM Motorsports Park (Corvette home) in KY

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I've been wanting to do this event for a couple years with my Evora.  If you only participated in say 0-2 such events, I'd do the introduction.  I've done a few more than that mostly with Porsche Club (PCA), so I signed up for the April event.  So far I'm the first Lotus.  Would like to see another.   I previously talked to the event organizers at NCM and liked what they said relative to making this a fun, SAFE event.  At a minimum, I expect an event at least as good as my experiences with PCA, but I believe it will be a bit better.   The upcoming dates are:

HPDE Introduction: 11 Feb, 29 Mar, 6 May.  

HPDE: 24-25 April

Cost is $500

More info at:

Next stop is for tires and brake fluid.


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