Water pump and brake master cyl options for '73 Europa

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Mark T Senior 12 months

I'm in the process of resurrecting my 1973 Europa TC for about the 3rd time and the water pump, brake master cylinder, and fuel pump all need attention.

As we know, the water pump is a pain to replace in the Europa so I'm looking for something that's easier to replace now or at least will be easier to service in the future.  What have other folks tried that have provided reasonable reliability? Alternate mechanical pumps, electric pumps, etc., what has worked well, is reasonably straightforward to install, and where can I find them?

On the brake master cylinder, the car has the original brake system with a pair of original unmolested boosters.  However, I'm pretty sure they no longer function. Is there a kit or at least a well established alternative braking option that would eliminate the boosters?  I've read through some articles on replacements but am curious as to what's the most straightforward reliable option and where I can find the parts.

Also, the mechanical fuel pump is also in need of service.  Would it make more sense to replace it with an electric pump or just rebuild the old mechanical pump (assuming the parts are still available)?

Thanks for any advice!  Mark Sr

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