Arnie Tribute 01

Arnie Johnson Tribute No. 1

Shortly before LOG40 in Salt Lake City we were saddened to hear the news that Arnie Johnson, former Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Cars USA had passed

Arnie started with Lotus East in Millerton, NY in 1971. one of the five Lotus distributors. He was involved in dealer tech training. warranty work, worked on a lot of Europas, and helped prepare race cars including Type 51 s and 61 s. Lime Rock was just a few miles away so there was always plenty to keep him busy.

In 1979 the Lotus bought out the distributors and in March of that year Arnie moved to work for Lotus North America in Costa Mesa CA. In November Rolls Royce signed to distribute Lotus in the US. With Rolls Royce getting involved with Lotus in a big way, Arnie moved again, to RR headquarters in Lyndhurst. NJ where he met his wife, Cathy, who was distribution manager for Rolls Royce.

In 1983 he was working with Lotus Performance Cars, the partnership that became the US distributor for Lotus Cars T.,is would become Lotus Cars USA, which was aga.n bought by the factory and then was sold to General Motors atter they bought Lotus in 1986. Arnie moved again in 1988 when their headquarters moved from New Jersey to Atlanta. Georgia. Arnie was Vice President of LCU until Chns Knight r1ade him CEO in 1997 and was hugely instrumental in bringing the Elise to the USA in 2005.

-From reMarque