Lotus Technical Reference


Cortina Gearbox Parts.Listing of gearbox part numbers. Dick Wilson.Vol. 13 No. 5.
Lotus Cortina Driveshaft Maintenance.Eliminating vibration from aging drive shaft. Tom Carter.Vol. 20 No.8.


Early Eclat/Elite/Sprint Drive Shaft.Vibration problems in early drive shafts with elimination procedures. Eric Bries.  Vol. 7 No. 9. 
Elite/Eclat Elucidations.Chassis lubrication.   Bud Moeller. Vol. 7 No. 11.
Elite/Eclat Elucidations.Oil Changes.  Bud Moeller. Vol. 7 No. 10. 
Elite/Eclat Elucidations.Tips and Pointers. Bud Moeller. Vol. 7 No. 9. 
Elite/Eclat Replacement Parts.Listing of replacement part numbers. Donald Bartlett. Vol. 14 No. 1


A Dry Sump Oil Tank for the Elan.Building your own. Ross Sorci. Vol. 19 No. 4. 
Adventures with the Elan Fuel System.Three paragraphs describing the solution for three relatively minor fuel tank problems. Clogged vent hole, loose hose clips, dirt in gas tank. Roy Van Allen, Vol. 3 No. 4. 
An Aluminum Fuel Tank for an Elan.Fabrication of Tank. Jim Sapienza. Vol. 9 No. 6. 
Buying Used:  Lotus Elan.Article reprint and tech rep comments. Vol. 9 No. 11 & Vol. 10 No. 1. 
Carburetor Air Intake Duct.A substitute for the air intake hose from the air cleaner to the carburetors. Bruce Rippey, Vol. 2 No. 10.
Changing the Elan Transmission.Changing transmission without removing the engine. Rick Cranshaw. Vol. 15 No. 6.
Cleaning Plugs.Describing two types of plug cleaners and an inexpensive 100 psi air source for cleaning plugs. Roy Van Allen, Vol. 4 No 1-2. 
Constant Velocity Joints for Elan Half Shafts.Replace four doughnuts and rear axles with constant velocity joints. Ross Weaver. Vol. 10 No. 6.
Cooling the Elan.Replacement of the stock fan blade with Flexilite fan blade to improve air flow therough the Elan radiator. Tom Carter, Vol. 2 No. 9.
Creaking Elan Wheels.Describing sounds caused by fine breaks around the wheel lug openings on stock wheels. Roy Van Allen, Vol. 3 No. 9.
Curing a Soft Brake Pedal in the Elan.Steps to insure brake system is operating properly. Phil Connaught. Vol. 14 No. 5. 
CV Joints for the Elan.Converting Elan doughnut joints to VW bus CV joints. Randy Nelson. Vol. 14 No. 4.
Drooping Elan Headlights.Problems including rusted chassis repairs in detail. Roy Van Allen. Vol. 7 No. 3.
Easy Heater Valve Gasket Swap.Repair and replacements. Ray Jang. Vol. 23 No.4.
Elan Alternator Conversion.Wiring diagram describing the installation of a Motorola alternator. Bob Goodness, Vol. 5 no. 5. 
Elan Braking Problems.Cause and cure of vibration and pulsation in the brake pedal when braking .Marc Trahan, Vol. 2 No. 10. 
Elan Bumper Welt.How to replacement. Phil Connaught. Vol. 11 No. 5. 
Elan Caliper Pistons.Machining your own stainless steel caliper pistons. Stan Bubar. Vol. 8 No. 5. 
Elan Clutch Throw-out Bearing Assembly.Installation tips. Dan Miller. Vol. 18 No. 1. 
Elan Frame Strenghtening & Corrosion Protection.Detailed restoration to original condition. Del Lance & Bill Diduch, Vol. 6 No 8. 
Elan Headlamp Vacuum Actuator Repair.With additional Comment. William Hurni. Vol. 22 No.1.
Elan Headlight Washers.Installation of headlight washers. Randy Nelson. Vol. 11 No. 6. 
Elan Heater Waterproofing and Efficiency Increases.Randy Nelson. Vol. 10 No. 5.
Elan M100-Limping Home with a Broken Shift Cable.Step-by-step procedure. Dean Giacopassi. Vol. 31 No.9.
Elan Muffler Replacement.Replacement of a stock Elan muffler with muffler purchased through an American car parts store in a Walker muffler catalog. Bob Goodness, Vol. 5 No. 6.
Elan Plus 2 Side Rail Replacement.Removing and replacing the steel side members, including how to fabricate new rails. Richard Cranshaw. Vol. 11 No. 4. 
Elan Power Generation Revisited.Replacing generator with alternator. Ross Sorci. Vol. 18 No.8+No.9. Vol. 19 No.1
Elan Power Generation: An Alternative Choice.John Kalcevik. Vol. 12 No. 2. 
Elan Rear Wheel Bearing Substitute.Inexpensive substitute rear wheel bearing. John Griffin. Vol. 8 No. 5. 
Elan Tech Tips: No.1.  Elan jumping out of second gear. Jim Kerswell. Vol. 46 No.6.
Elan Torque Rod Bracket.Line drawing showing fabricating a differential torque rod bracket. Randy Nelson.Vol. 11 No. 5.
Elan Wiring Basics.Explanation of the three & four contact relays. Don Shurtz.Vol. 12 No. 8.
Electric Fuel Pump for the Elan.Installation of electric fuel pump. Phil Cannon.Vol. 11 No. 8.
Electric Windows.How to remove and dismantle the window motor to check for worn brushes or broken driving pins. Bruce Rippey.Vol. 2 No. 10.
Fitting a Kenlowe Fan to an Elan.Installation details. Phil Connaught.Vol. 10 No. 7.
Fitting Auxiliary Lamps to the Elan.Installation to increase nighttime illumination. Phil Connaught.Vol. 14 No. 3.
How & Why I Turbocharged My Twin-Cam.How it was done. John Griffin.Vol. 38 No.3.
Hub Puller for Elan and Elan Plus 2.Instruction for pulling the rear hubs in order to gain access to rear wheel bearings that have knock off wheels only. Marc Trahan.Vol. 5 #3.
Installing a Top on an S4 Elan.Step-by-step guide for top replacement. James Shanks.Vol. 8 No. 4.
Koni Shocks for Lotus Elan.Replacement of rear shocks. Jay Fleuhr.Vol. 6 No.2.
Living with an Elan Part 1.Front suspension upright,- shock tower, corrosion and replacement. Stan Bubar.Vol. 6 No. 9.
Living with an Elan Part 2.Wheel bearings, gas tank leaks, rear brake pistons, driving lights, hand brake pads. Stan Bubar.Vol. 6 No. 10.
Lotus Doctor on Alloy Wheels for the Elan.List of wheel choices and the necessary modifications to install knock-on alloy wheels.Vol. 11 No. 2.
Lotus Perspectives.Modifications made on an Elan Plus 2. George Assad.Vol. 6 No. 1
Modifying the Elan Air Cleaner.Increase air flow into Elan air cleaner by cutting two 30mm holes in the bottom. Roy Van Allen.Vol. 3 No. 7.
More Adventures with the Elan Fuel System.Gas Line, Throttle Cable, Vacuum Line to Headlight Mechanism. Roy Van Allen.Vol . 3. No. 5.
NAPA Filters.Alternate oil filters for Elans. Dave Comeau.Vol. 16 No. 3.
Piranha Ignition and Intermittent Tech on the Elan.Modifying the tach for proper operation with Piranha ignition system. Phil Connaught.Vol. 11 No. 7.
Playing It Cool.How the radiator was moved forward with electric fan enabling Flexilite fiberglass fan to be put on water pump pulley. Tom Carter.Vol. 2 No. 9.
Project Profile: Plus 2 Restoration.Al Sudetic.Vol. 7 No. 4.
Protecting the Elan Clutch Slave Cylinder.Installing an aluminum heat shield to protect the clutch slave cylinder from exhaust-pipe heat. Charles Seabrook.Vol. 13 No. 3.
Putting on a New Face.Making a new wood dash for an Elan. John Zimmerlee.Vol. 12 No. 4.
Replacement of Rusted Rotoflexes.Donut removal. Erich Gaiser.Vol. 8 No. 5.
Replacing Brushes in Elan Generators and Starters.Step by step removal of generator and starter, dismantling them, replacing brushes, and refitting to the car. Roy Van Allen.Vol. 5 No. 8.
Replacing Rear Wheel Bearings and Donuts for Lotus Elans.Roy Van Allen.Vol. 3. No. 1.
Replacing the Elan Headlight Linkage.Replacing plastic with metal. Jim Mueller.Vol. 17 No. 3.
Round Robbin on Elan Rear End.Symptoms and cure for a clunking sound from rear end when clutch is engaged caused by loose torque rod bolts. Roy Van Allen.Vol. 4 No. 5.
Ruddy’s Rap – Part 2.Installation of sliding spline rear axles on Elans. Steve Ruddy.Vol. 3 No. 4.
Sagging Elan Front End.Elan front suspension. Roy Van Allen.Vol. 7 No. 1.
Sliding Spline Half-Shafts for Elan.How to make your own sliding spline half shafts, rear suspension limit straps, and fitting 3-inch competition springs to the Elan rear. Phil Connaught.Vol. 6 No. 7.
Slipping Elan Valve cover Gaskets.How to drill shallow holes on head and cam cover to hold cam cover gaskets in place for up to 70,000 miles. Roy Van Allen.Vol. 3 No. 3.
Stabilizer Bar Bushing Holders for the Elan Plus 2.How to convert the stabilizer bar bushings to a quick-change replacement. Charles Seabrook.Vol. 14 No. 11.
Tech Tip: Replacing Elan Windshields.Step-by-step replacement. Gilbert Bohen.Vol. 33 No.1.
To Powder Coat or not to Powder Coat.Restoration description. Robert Seligman.Vol. 30 No.1.
Tuning Strombergs.Crossover sysem and secondary throttle valves removed and new jets made to richen fuel air mixture. Marc Trahan.Vol. 3 No. 3.
Tuning Twin Webers.Step by step instruction for adjusting weber carburetors. Roy Van Allen.Vol. 3. No. 6.
Twenty Lessons Learned While Restoring a 1965 Elan.Information such as curing starter wear, alternator conversion, paint, etc. Jim Thompson.Vol. 4 No. 7.
Unseizing the Elan Clutch.Clutch repair. Ross Sorci.Vol. 19 No.5.
Update: Elan Competition Springs/ Limit Straps.Phil Connaught.Vol. 7 No. 5.
Water Pump Leak That Wasn’t.Loose bolt problem on Elan water pump. Roger Sieling.Vol. 17 No.7.
Windshield Wiper Motor.Wiper motor problems. Bruce Rippey.Vol. 3 No. 1.
Elan Muffler Replacement.Replacement of a stock Elan muffler with muffler purchased through an American car parts store in a Walker muffler catalog. Bob Goodness.Vol. 5 No. 6.


Elise Tech Tips: Part 2.Adjustment of brake pedal push rod, brake light switch, ignition system failure. Daniel Curcio.Vol.35 No. 4.
Elise Technical Tips: Part 1.Maintenance and technical issues. Dan Curcio.Vol. 35 No. 3.
Elise Technical Tips: Part 3.Service issues corrected, alarm system problem, oil cooling system. Dan Curcio.Vol. 35 No. 6.
Elise Technical Tips: Part 4.Engine misfire, intake camshaft lobe failure, cam wear. Dan Curcio.Vol. 36 No. 1.
Elise Wiper Motor Repair and Replacement.Detail procedures. David Koski.Vol. 34 No. 1.
Tech Talk.Cobra Security and Alarm System, Oil Coolers. Jim Beal & Mike Rohaley.Vol. 48 No. 1.


An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.Cautionary article on deadly dangers of using epoxy based spray paint. Reprint from Club Elite.Vol. 6 No. 6.
Elite Header Tank.Phil Connaught.Vol. 10 No. 12.
Elite Headlight Valve.Pontiac replacement part. Charles Van Nostrand.Vol. 16 No. 2.
Reincarnation of #1353.Restoration of a 1962 Lotus Elite. Vic Elford.Vol 48 No. 2.


Engine Maintenance for the S1/ S2 Esprit & Elite: Part 1.Detailed descriptive information on maintenance. Highlight measuring valve clearance, removing the belts. Raymond Robinson.Vol. 26 No. 10.
Engine Maintenance for the S1/ S2 Esprit & Elite: Part 2.Descriptive information on maintenance. Highlight cam carrier, water pump, timing belt tensioner, cam carrier covers, accessory belts. Raymond Robinson.Vol. 27 No. 1.


Battery Acid Danger in the ’77 Esprit.Damage due to leaking battery acid. Stephen Genest.Vol. 8 No. 2.
Boosting Turbo Esprit Performance.Installing an intercooler, vapor injection in an Esprit. David Garretson.Vol. 16 No. 5.
Bushing Adapters for Post 1986 Esprits.Improve handling. Andrew Barron.Vol. 31 No. 4.
Buying Used: Esprit.Guidelines for purchase. Charlie Rockwell & John Kouba.Vol. 10 No. 2.
Changing the Esprit Turbo’s Camshaft Drive Belt.Installation and setting the belt tension. James Petrocik.Vol. 27 No. 8.
Cooling the S1 Esprit Engine Compartment.Adding side and rear vents for better cooling. A.S. Genest.Vol. 10 No. 12.
Developing the Lotus Esprit V8 Engine.Reprint from Jeremy Walton’s book “Lotus Esprit the Official Story.”Vol. 35 No. 3.
Esprit Fuel System Problems.Find and repair problems with fuel system. A.S. Genest.Vol. 11 No. 9.
Esprit Hatch Struts.Less expensive alternatives to factory struts. Bob Annable.Vol. 20 No. 6.
Esprit Notes.Various Esprit problems from lower links, slave cylinder seals, rear wheel alignment. Bob Potter.Vol. 6 No. 11-12.
Esprit S2 Notes: Cooling.Suggestions on improving engine cooling. Bill Dolson.Vol. 17 No. 7.
Esprit S2 Notes: Front Suspension.Modification tips. Bill Dolson.Vol. 17 No.9.
Esprit S2 Notes: Rear Suspension.Suspension tips. Bill Dolson.Vol. 18 No. 1+No. 2.
Esprit Wheel Alignment.Construct a trammel bar and check alignment. Charlie Seabrook.Vol. 11 No. 7.
Exhausting the Esprit.Replacement for the standard muffler. Charlie Seabrook.Vol. 11 No. 4.
Fire-Suppression System Install in 99 Esprit.Tips. Eric Nordstrom.Vol. 34 No. 4
High-powered Cool.Preventing large drop in engine rpm when the air conditioning is used. Bob Rich.Vol. 13 No. 5.
Lotus Esprit Service Tips.Carburetors, Distributors, Clutches. Dwayne Schumate.Vol. 29 No. 2.
Lotus Esprit V8 Gearbox.UN1 Gearbox, Weak links, upgrade kit. Craig Stephens.Vol. 35 No. 2.
Maintaining the Esprit S1/ S2 Front Suspension – Part 1.Inspection, diagnoses, disassembly, and repair. Steve Vukobratovich. Vol. 30 No. 6.
Maintaining the Esprit S1/ S2 Front Suspension – Part 2.Continuation, reassembly, alignment. Steve Vukobratovich.Vol. 30 No. 7.
More on Esprit Cooling.Installing an auxiliary radiator. Charles Seabrook.Vol. 13 No. 9.
Replacing Esprit S1 Wheels.Alternate choices for better looking wheels. Frank Grabner.Vol. 17 No. 8.
S2 Esprit Notebook.Various Esprit problems and solutions. Charles Seabrook.Vol. 10 No. 7.
S2 Esprit Radiator Mod.How to increase ground clearance of radiator. Charles Seabrook.Vol. 12 No. 8.
Setting Spark Advance on Turbo Esprit.Charles Seabrook II.Vol. 16 No. 4.
Sport Dual Exhaust for the Esprit.Improvement on performance. Bob Metz.Vol. 28 No. 9.
The NCT Tire Saga.Using alternate tires on Turbo Esprit. Don Ferrario.Vol. 15. No. 8.
Trouble in Paradise.Various Esprit problems and solutions. Pete Wimberly.Vol. 10 No. 3.
Turbo Esprit Oil Cooler.Improving oil pressure by removing the oil thermostat. Charles Seabrook.Vol. 14 No. 10.
Upgrading the Esprit Oil Cooler.How to install a larger oil cooler for cooler oil temperatures and increased oil pressure. Charles Seabrook.Vol. 13 No. 3.
Upgrading the Esprit S1/S2 Oil Cooler.Detailed instructions for upgrade to a larger cooler. Jon Miles.Vol. 25 No. 2.
What’s New #2: Turbo Esprit – Excessive Oil Pressure Problems.Recommended solution. Steve Vukobratovich & Steve Taylor.Vol. 36 No. 6.


A Coward’s Guide to the Europa Front Suspension.Step-by-step suspension overhaul. Bob Metz.Vol. 18 No.5+No.7+No.8. Followup More Tips. Dan Miller. Vol. 19 No.1.
Accusumping the Europa TC.Installing Accusump to supplement the oiling system. David Roth.Vol. 13 No. 2.
Adjusting Caster and Camber on a Europa.Steve Vukobratovich.Vol. 16 No. 3.
Air Deflectors for the Europa.Fabricate window air deflectors to increase cockpit ventilation. Stan Swartz.Vol. 14 No 4.
Alternative Tee Fuel Fitting for TC Engines.Instructions for constructing a safe tee fuel fitting. Andy Gilbert.Vol. 9 No. 1.
And a ‘Ropa Goes Hmmmm! Installation of a Mazda engine.James Ummel.Vol. 10 No. 4.
And Still More on Europa Cooling.Locating two causes of overheating. Dick Wilson.Vol. 7 No. 12.
Ballast Resistor Blues/Ballast Resitor Blues Revisited.Symptoms and cure for failed ballast resistors. Dan Miller & Jerry Burns.Vol. 15 No 2.
Blood Sweat & Tears: Restoring a Europa S2.Jerry Blaines.Vol. 15 No. 2, Vol. 15 No. 5.
Blood, Sweat & Tears.Advice on starting a Europa restoration project. Jerry Blaine.Vol. 14 No. 10.
Building a Racing Europa–Beginning Thoughts.Six Paragraphs describing the starting point in building an SCCA D production Europa from a severly damaged road car. Peter Harholdt. Vol. 3 No.9
Building a Racing Europa–Controls & linkages.Work done to the steering shift linkage, brakes, clutch throttle linkage, instrument switches , and the seat. Peter Harholdt. Vol. 4 No. 1-2.
Building a Racing Europa–The Suspension.Strengthening and modifying the original suspension for racing. Peter Harholdt. Vol. 3 No. 10.
Building a Racing Europa–Tubes & Gussets.Construction of a full roll cage in a racing Europa. Peter Harholdt. Vol. 3 No. 4.
Buying Used: Lotus Europa.Vol. 9 No 10.
CB Installation in a Lotus Europa.Vol. 3 No. 9.
CB Radio Primer.Purchasing and installing a CB in a Lotus. Fred Belen.Vol. 3 No. 7.
Classy Chassis? Installing Spyder chassis in Europa S2.Chuck Zoeller.Vol. 15 No. 5.
Cool & Cheap: A Fan for the Europa.Using a Hayden electric fan. Bob Murray.Vol. 18 No. 4.
Cooling It.Describing a Mercedes Benz electric fan which may be used on Renault Europas in place of the weak stock unit. Bill Shenk.Vol. 3 No. 3.
Cooling the Europa Twin Cam.Points to check if overheating occurs. Dale Mole.Vol. 6 No. 4.
Corvair Conversion Revisted.Installing a Corvair rear suspension in a Europa. Robert Murray.Vol. 15. No. 7.
Curing Renault Europa Starter and Solenoid Problems.How to dismantle a solenoid and file the points. Bob Scates.Vol. 5 No. 10.
Euoropa Twin Cam Gear Ratios.Describes different gearbox types. Dan Miller.Vol. 19 No. 9.
Europa (S1) Radius Arm Mounts.Replacing rubber mounts. John Ernst.Vol. 15 No. 3.
Europa Bearing Spacers.Spacer specifications. Glenn Davis & David Roth.Vol. 10 No. 4.
Europa Clutch Cable Lubrication.Pre-lubricating clutch cable for smooth action and long life. Fred Mahan.Vol. 8 No. 2.
Europa Clutch Cable Repair.Replacement of a broken inner clutch cable with a stainless steel cable. Bob Murray.Vol. 10 No. 3.
Europa Conversion.Modifications, adaptations. John L. Pels.Vol.35 No. 5.
Europa Cooling Fan.Electric Fan pgrade keeps stock appearance. Gary David.Vol. 31 No. 2.
Europa Differential Adjustment: Europa earbox Leakage.Vol. 9 No. 5.
Europa Door Latches.Smoother latch operation. C.J. Scheppers.Vol. 10 No. 8.
Europa Frame Rust.Repair on an S1 Europa frame with major rust. Jim Scherer. Vol. 5 No. 12.
Europa Fuel Line Replacement.Installing steel fuel line. Dan Miller.Vol. 19 No. 8.
Europa Rear Stub Axle Conversion.Chevrolet Corvair stub axle set up can be reworked and married to the aluminum rear hub carrier of an Early S1 Europa. Peter Wimberly.Vol. 5 No. 4.
Europa Rear Sway Bar Redux.Vol. 38 No. 1
Europa TC Alternator Mounting Bracket.Vol. 6 No. 5.
Europa TC Clutch Cable Lubrication.Maintenance and Tips. Ray Hoffman.Vol. 22 No. 9.
Europa TC Clutch Cable Replacement.Step by Step procedure. Jerry Avis. Vol. 7 No. 6.
Europa TC Gas Gauge Fix.Troubleshooting malfunctioning gas gauge. Dan Miller.Vol. 17 No. 8
Europa TC Gearshift Linkage Modification.Replace roll pin of gearbox. David Roth.Vol. 11 No. 6.
Europa TC Symptoms of a faulty ballast resistor on the coil.Cure with Lucas “in line ballast resistor”. Jerry Burns.Vol. 3 No. 6.
Europa TC Voltage Regulator Modification.Replacement of a Delco alternator voltage regulator with a Delco #D668, CM #116387 voltage regulator. John Wood.Vol. 5 No. 10.
Europa TC Water Pump.Step-by-step instruction on replacement. Jim Britz.Vol. 10 No. 12.
Europa Throttle Cable Replacement.Using a bicycle brake cable to replace the throttle cable. Alasdair Beaton.Vol. 13 No. 3.
Europa Transaxle Mount Modification.Step by Step instruction to raise the transaxle of a Renault Europa with lowered suspension in order to prevent rapid wear and premature universal joint failure. Glenn Davis.Vol. 3 No.2.
Europa Twin Cam Driveshafts.Driveshaft revisited. David Roth.Vol. 15 No. 3.
Europa U Joints.U joint problems. Jim Deveney.Vol. 3 No. 1.
Europa–Wet or Dry? Eliminating water leakage through the front bonnet latch tonque.Bob Murray.Vol. 12 No. 8.
For Long-legged Europa Drivers.Vol. 11 No. 2.
From the Ground Up.Engine and Transmission. Part 5. Bob Gilmore.Vol. 21 No.1.
From the Ground Up.First 4 parts of series on restoring a 72 Europa S2. Bob Gilmore.Vol. 20 No. 4, 5, 7, & 8.
From the Group Up.Part 6 Interior. Bob Gilmore.Vol. 21 No. 5.
From the Group Up.Part 7 – Epilogue. Bob Gilmore.Vol. 22 No. 1.
Gas Tank Brazing & Rustproofing.Vol. 7 No. 12.
Gordini Engine.Power and performance achieved by a Hermes Kit, an 807-20 Renault-Gordini engine, and engine updated to 807-G specs. Ed Parker.Vol. 2 No. 8.
Handbrake light for Europa S2.Step by step installation of switch which will turn brake fail light on when handbrake is set. Jeff Anderson.Vol. 3 No. 3.
How Not to Install New Shocks on your Aging Marque.Article by Tom Smith with comment from Jim Scherer.Vol. 6 No. 5.
Improving Clutch Release Action in the Europa S2.Locating friction sources and roughness in clutch release mechanism. Jim DeStefano.Vol. 8 No 5.
Installing a Mallory Ignition in a Europa TC.Updating ignition system. Ron Dawson.Vol. 19 No. 7.
Installing a Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge in a Renault-Europa.Replace gauge with Dixco Model 613. Charlie Stein.Vol. 7 No. 3.
Installing a Removable WaterPump in the Europa TC.Comparison of the AKS and AVO water pumps. Jim Britz.Vol. 12 No. 4.
Installing a Solid-State Ignition.Installation in a Europa. Glenn Davis.Vol. 2 No. 9.
Interior Improvements.Upgrading the Europa interior. Wayne Brower.Vol. 7 No. 11.
Jacking Up and Cracking Up.Jacking up a Europa. Glenn Davis.Vol. 6 No. 9
Lighting Up the Road. Installing Headlight Relays: Halogen headlight installation and related specifications. Glenn Davis.Vol. 9 No. 8.
Lloyd on Lotus – Exhaust Emission Induction System.How to eliminate Exhaust Emission Induction System, the crossover pipes to increase throttle response for zero cost. Lloyd Cayes.Vol. 5 No.6.
Lloyd on Lotus – Rear Suspension Alignment.Adjust the toe in of rear wheels to prevent premature rear tire wear. Lloyd Cayes.Vol. 5 No. 3.
Lloyd on Lotus – TC Rear Sway Bars.Adaptation of stock TC front sway bar to rear of a TC. Lloyd Cayes.Vol. 5 No. 4.
Lloyd on Lotus.Buying a Used Europa Twin Cam. Lloyd Cayes. Vol. 6 No. 12.
Lloyd on Lotus.Radiator fan shield, door hinges, high speed vibrations, seat belt/ignition interlock. Lloyd Cayes.Vol. 6 No.1, 2, 3, 6, and 8.
Lower Your Lotus.Front suspension modifications. Ron Dawson.Vol. 15 No. 1.
Maintaining Europa Gearshift Linkages.Detailed instruction on maintaining, upgrading linkages. Lloyd Cayes and Glenn Davis.Vol. 12 No. 4-6.
Making a Hard Bushing for the Europa Shift Lever.Tighten up action of shifter and improve durability. Charles Fehrenbach.Vol. 21 No.3.
Mixture Adjustments on Zenith Carbs.Service Bulletin from Zenith on adjustable metering needles. Rick McNey.Vol. 3 No. 1.
Modification for Europa TC Throttle Cables with Strombergs.How to prevent the bolt which clamps throttle cable from eventually cutting the cable. Rick McNey.Vol. 3 No. 4.
More on Keeping It Cool.Installing a coolant recovery system . John Jameson.Vol. 9 No. 11.
News from Team Woodpecker.How to fabricate adjustable upper control arms for the front of a Europa. Steve Harris.Vol. 10 No. 7.
Radiator Fan Manual Override.Install a manual radiator fan override switch to replace the thermostatic switch on a Europa. John Entwistle.Vol. 14 No. 5.
Radiator Fan System Modifications.To prevent overheating. Tom Massicotte.Vol. 6 No 6.
Rap from Ruddy’s Place.Step by step checks to make on the Europa TC engine at 5,000 miles. Steve Ruddy.Vol. 3 No. 9.
Rear Disk Brakes for a Europa.Conversion, fabrication, assembly. David Miller.Vol. 31 No. 7.
Rebuilding the Europa Master Cylinder.Chris Gilman.Vol. 15 no. 8.
Remedy for a Broken Europa Speedometer Cable.Solution for simple process. Jim McCleery.Vol. 31 No.10.
Remount Mount Oil Filter.Recommendations for Europas. David Roth.Vol. 14 No. 1.
Renault Europa Cross Shaft Lubrication.Lubricate cross shaft at upper rear of transaxle to prevent rust leading to a frozen shaft. Jim Scherer.Vol. 5 No. 11.
Renault Europa Rear Wheel Bearing Failure.Replacing rear wheel bearings. Glenn Davis.Vol. 2 No. 6.
Repairing the Europa TC Shift Linkage.Detail step-by-step on repair. Mike Gulley & Glen Myers.Vol. 21 No. 2.
Repairing Twin-cam Water Pump.Step-by-step instruction for repair. Leroy Van Allen.Vol. 7 No. 12.
Replacing Europa-Renault Roll Pins.Replacement of driveshaft securing pins. Dan Curio.Vol. 20 No. 9.
Replacing the Europa Handbrake Pivot.Steve Vukobratovich.Vol. 16 No. 1.
Restoring Rear Camber on Europa Twin Cam.Replacing rear wheel bearings. Lawrence Latimer.Vol. 17 No. 9.
Restoring Your Lotus Frame.Cleaning and rustproofing the Europa frame after removal. Ron Dawson.Vol. 13 No. 8.
Rewiring a Europa.How an S1 Europa was rewired. Fred Belen.Vol. 8 No. 1
Ruddy’s Rap – Part 1.Humorous article with seven points to check if your Europa is overheating. Steve Ruddy.Vol. 3 No. 3.
S2 Europa Battery Mount.Vol. 8 No. 2.
Sagging Door Saga.Remove and repair sagging & frozen Europa door hinges. Bob Murray.Vol. 7 No. 6.
Still More on Europa Cooling.Problems encountered when installing a Bosch fan on a Renault Europa. Dick Wilson.Vol. 4 No 1-2.
Stud Replacement for Europa TC Wheels.Ed Young.Vol. 17 No. 1.
Switch Ignition Switches.Replacing with Lucas switch on Europa S2. Robert Murray.Vol. 15 No. 8.
The Cost of Restoration.A brief breakdown of cost involved in Europa restoration. Rick Keffer.Vol. 14 No. 7.
The Europa Door Hinge System Revisited.Repairing door hinges. Ron Dawson.Vol. 20 No. 6.
The Sloppy Shifter Revisited.Removing slop from Europa shift linkage. Frank Sundrum.Vol. 16 No. 6.
Tips on Adjusting Valve Clearances of Renault-engined Europas.Discussion of Valve-adjustment difficulties. Chuck Zoeller.Vol. 9 No. 3.
Turbocharging: More Power to You.Turbocharging Europa results from four people. Stephen Lawing.Vol. 4 No. 6.
Twin Cam Butterfly Bypass Follow-up.More discussion on modification. Ed Phelps.Vol. 11 No. 3.
Twin Cam Butterfly Bypass Revisited.Locking Europa crossover-pipe butterflies in the fully open position. Mikell Pearce.Vol. 10 No. 5
Twin Cam Oil Leaks.How Permatex Gel-Gasket is used to control oil leaks. Reprint from Lotus Europa Club.Vol. 2, No. 7.
Unsprung Weight: It all Adds Up.Europa S2 rear suspension weight tabulation. Glenn Davis.Vol. 11 No. 4.
Wart Transplant for S2 and TC Europas.Fiberglass work describing how a turn signal may be installed directly under the headlights below the bumper. Peter Wimberly.Vol. 5 No. 5.
Water Injection for your Lotus.Detailed instruction of water injection in a Europa. Bob Murray.Vol. 12 No. 3.
Water Pump Rebuild.Rebuilding a water pump from a Cortina water pump innards. Bruce Rippey.Vol. 3 No. 3.
We Get Letters.Tom Massicotte describes how a Datsun heater motor and model airplane props cool his Europa, and Bob Gilmore describes how a Pinto carburetor on his Europa increased cooling performance.Vol. 4. No. 5.


Tech Talk: Evora 400/410/GT Removal & Replacement of the 3rd Catalytic Converter.Mark Schmidt.Vol. 50 Vol.4


Oil Info.Why multi-grade oil should not be used in your Lotus. Bruce Rippey.Vol. 3 No. 5.
Putting Out the Fire.Fire extinguishers filled with Halon 1211 are preferable to dry chemical extinguishers. Phil Cannon.Vol. 3 No. 11.


A Plug for Elan Plugs.How to select and maintain spark plugs. Parts of this article pertain to any car. Roy Van Allen.Vol. 3 No. 10.
A Primer on Pipe Threads.Making fluid-tight connections. David Roth.Vol. 9 No. 4.
Adjusting the Smiths Water Temperature Gauge.Adjust for Correct reading. Ron Dawson.Vol. 14 No. 7.
An Examination of Twin Cam Distributor Curves.Analyzing advance curves in different technical manuals. Dave Comeau.Vol. 19 No. 2.
Are You Having Trouble With Your Oil Pump.Ford Kent engine oil system by John McCoy. Steve Vukobratovich & John McCoy.Vol. 38 No. 2.
Breathing Without Slobbering.Installing K&N air filters. John Hageman.Vol. 15 No. 6.
Building 1700cc Twin Cams.Suggestions, Procedures, Options. Steve Vukobratovich.Vol. 22 No. 12.
Buying Parts Abroad.Pitfalls to avoid when ordering. Don Smith.Vol. 6 No. 2.
Capacitive Discharge Ignition for Lotus.Replacement for TC ignition system. Bob Metz. Vol. 19 No. 4.
Cheap and Easy Dash Refinishing.How to refinish wood veneer dash. Bryan Boyle.Vol. 10 No. 8.
Chin Spoiler for Elans & Early Europas.Making your own front spoiler for little money. Phil Connaught.Vol. 7 No. 7.
Combining Twin Cam Starvation.Modification suggestions to compensate during hard cornering. David Roth & Jim Britz.Vol. 16 No. 7.
Converting From Strombergs to SU Carbs.Detailed procedures for conversion. William Hurni.Vol. 22 No. 3.
Cool It.Steps for locating and correcting overheating problems. Glenn Davis.Vol. 10 No. 12.
Cross-referencing Ford Part Numbers.Focus on Lotus twin cam engine. Jon Miles.Vol. 12 No. 7.
Electric Water Pump Installation for TC Engines.Stan Swartz.Vol. 6 No. 4.
Electrics: A Primer.Basic automotive electrics for the beginner. John Jameson. Vol. 8 No. 1.
GeneralDiscussion of float problems. Jack Lochhead.Vol. 9 No. 3.
Fiberglass Repair.Overview, major tips. Greg Wisniewski.Vol. 30 No. 10.
Hints for Happy Hibernation.Vol. 22 No. 10.
Improving the Responsiveness of the Federalized 907 Engine.How to recurve the spark advance. C.F. Seabrook & P.M. Connaught.Vol. 11 No. 2.
Lotus Car Care Tips:Part 1.Pointers for proper car washing procedures. Atwell Haines.Vol. 34 No. 1.
Lotus Car Care Tips:Part 2.Using Paint Cleaning Clay. Atwell Haines.Vol. 34 No. 2.
Lotus Car Care Tips:Part 3.Engine Cleaning.Vol. 34 No. 3.
Lotus Car Care Tips:Part 4.Polishing and Waxing. Atwell Haines.Vol. 34 No. 4.
Lotus Car Care Tips:Part 5.Interior Care. Atwell Haines.Vol. 34 No. 5.
Lotus Twin Cam Valve Shim Exchange.Still in existence. Mike Peitsch.Vol. 32 No. 4.
Lucas Wiring Logic.Vol 19 No.6.
Make Your Own Gaskets.Gaskets from silicone rubber. Dick Wilson.Vol. 7 No. 12.
More on Timing Twin Cam Camshafts.Checking cam timing. Charles Seabrook.Vol. 14 No. 7.
My Perfect Lotus.Waxes & Sealants described. Griots Garage.Vol. 42 No. 4.
New Product Review: Ignitor Ignition System.Electronic ignition system, upgrade for early Lotuses. Jack Colegrove.Vol. 22 No. 11.
On Fuel Tanks, Europas & an ’83 Turbo Esprit.Vol. 47 No. 6.
On Taking It with You.Buying Lotus parts from American parts suppliers. Eric Jewett.Vol. 6 No. 2.
Pity the Fool Without the Right Tool.Recommended tools for the Lotus DIYer. Phil Connaught.Vol. 13 No. 4.
Power-bleeding Your Hydraulic Brakes.Use of standard air-hose fitting in reservoir cap and compressed air to bleed the system. Phil Connaught.Vol. 13 No. 6.
Quick Fix for Enlarged Fastener Hole sin Fiberglass.Use of anchors. Dan Curcio.Vol. 21 No. 6.
Rebuilding Koni Shocks.Rebuild Konis and fabricate. Stan Swartz.Vol. 14 No. 3.
Recessing the Front Lotus Badge.Phil Connaught.Vol. 7 No. 5.
Repainting Your Lotus.Detailed article on repainting a Lotus. Paul Castleberry.Vol. 6 No. 11.
Replacement Distributor for the Twin Cam.Alternate choice to 23D4 &25D4. Russ Newton.Vol. 19 No. 3.
Replacing the Oil Pressure Gauge.Replacing electric oil pressure gauge with a mechanical gauge. Lee Will.Vol. 14 No. 8.
Setting Up Your Chassis.Methods used on Lola 592 Sports 2000 adapted for any Lotus. Charles Warner.Vol 17 No. 3.
Shattered Glass.Repairing damaged fiberglass. Randy More.Vol. 13 No. 9.
Short Deck Stroker Twin Cam.Low cost TC mods. Herb Marcus.Vol. 20 No. 2.
Smoothing the Big Boost.Carburetor modifications to intercooled turbo. David Garretson.Vol. 16 No. 8.
Solving Saggy Doors on Third-Generation Lotuses.Recommendations & Procedures focusing on Elite/Eclat/Esprits. Raymond Robinson. Vol. 23 No. 3.
Springs: A Practical Guide to Coil Spring Design.A primer on spring theory. Ron Dawson.Vol. 15 No. 1.
Sticking Advance Weights in Lucas Distributors.Replace Lucas distributor cam. Glenn Davis.Vol. 19 No. 2.
String Theory.Wheel Alignment, rebuilding top end of a modified Elise motor. Charlie Van Dyke.Vol. 39 No.1
Stromberg Carburetor Jet Orifice Replacement.Replacement with an identical part from Volvo. Glenn Davis.Vol. 8 No. 3.
Suspension Spring Compressor.How to construct an inexpensive tool for compressing suspension springs. Glenn Davis.Vol. 8 No. 4
TC Oil Starvation Revisited.Recalibrating your dipstick. Peter Marie.Vol. 17 No. 5.
Tips on Torque.Discussion of fasteners. Daniel Wysocki/Dan Miller.Vol. 19 No. 1.
Tip’s Tips.Use of trichlorethylene as a degreaser, Permatex Silicone Blue Form-a-Gasket, and Mopar’s special Rear Axle Lubricant. Tip Franklin.Vol. 2 No. 10.
Tossing Vacuum Brake Booster.When to repair and when to remove. Dan Miller.Vol. 20 No. 9
Tricks & Tips.Tech Tip for Door Seals that may lie on a cyanoacrylate adhesive. Glenn Davis.Vol. 2 No. 9.
Tuning Twin Carburetors on Twin-Cams.How to adjust weber carbs using a Colortune–a spark plug which allows the combustion to be viewed for color. Tom Carter.Vol. 2 No. 10.
Tuning Vacuum Brake Booster.Charles Fehrenbach.Vol. 20 No. 9.
Tweaking the Twincam.Numerous tips on getting the most out of the twincam engine. Chaarlie Rockwell.Vol. 17 No. 2.
Using Silicone Oil as Hydraulic Fluid.Observations and Recommendations. Bill Hurni.Vol. 26 No. 6.
Valve Seal Replacement.Installing valve seals from a 1600 cc Capri onto a Lotus TC engine. Stan Swartz.Vol. 6 No. 6.
Weber 45DC0E9 Idle & Transition Part 1.How Weber carb idle circuit works. Gene Taylor.Vol. 3 No. 2.
Weber 45DC0E9 Idle & Transition Part 2.Covering the idle jet selection. Gene Taylor.Vol. 3 No. 4.
Weber Jet Settings for the 907 Engine.Using Weber 45DCOE carburetors. Charlie Seabrook.Vol. 11 No. 5.
What’s New: #1 Twin-Cam Conversions.Conversions, suggestions, service. Steve Vukobratovich & John McCoy.Vol. 36 No. 2.
When was the Last Time You Changed Your Brake Fluid.Importance of changing brake fluid. Bruce Rippey.Vol. 5 No. 1.
Wire Color Codes.For pre-1975 British cars. Peter Jacobsen. Vol. 11 No. 8.
Wrecked Ring Gear Reckoning.How to tack-weld the flywheel starter ring gear in place. Bruce Rippey.Vol. 11 No. 9.


Buying a Used Seven.Reprint article covers basics.Vol. 14 No. 6.
Caterham Seven Fuel Cell.Installation. Tony Vaccaro.Vol. 22 No. 9.
From Kit to Caterham.Building a Seven from start to finish. Tony Vaccaro.Vol. 22 No. 2.
High Mounted Rear Brake Light for the Seven.Installation. Tony Vaccaro.Vol. 22 No. 11.
Reinforcing the Lotus Seven Frame S2 & S3.Chris Custer.
Replacing the Battery on a Caterham Seven.Tony Vaccaro.Vol. 22 No. 6.
Restoring SB 1325 14-part series on restoring a Seven S2.Gary David.Vols. 16-19.
Seven Rear Wishbone Modification.Modification to accept a spherical bearing. Chuck Drew.Vol. 13 No. 1.
The Lotus Doctor on Seven Chassis Repairs.Dave Painter.Vol. 14 No. 3.