Open Call for LOG 43 Caravan Hosts

Santa’s sleigh may be able to get to Austin, Texas in just a few hours, but for many of our LOG 43 attendees, they will be making an extended journey that might last days. What better way to get here then, than by caravaning with your fellow LOTUS owners and enthusiasts? Now as part of the LOG 43 website, we are making it easier than ever to connect with others that are making the trek.

Right now there is an open call on the website for potential caravan Hosts. If you are interested in leading a caravan from your town, and don’t mind helping shepherd others along the way, then sign-up now to be a Host via the link on the website. As we get closer to registration open, we will work with you on how to best connect you with other attendees in your area, and/or along the way. Even if you don’t have all the details of your route or the dates, go ahead and sign-up now, so we know who is interested in this fun experience!

And for folks that want to caravan, but don’t want to host, you can express your interest via the Find a Caravan link, but know that we will have more details in the coming year as hosts begin to register.
And thank you to all the Hosts that choose to volunteer and sign-up.